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Scooter Hire

The main objective of our charity to hep elderly and the less abled to access the shops and make life easier. Our fleet meets the needs of people of all ages and the hire charges are affordable for most.

To access this and other services you will need to be a member of the charity, provide the relevant identification documents. Membership is 6 for one year or 10 to join both Littlehampton, Bognor Regis and Worthing branches.

We also hire wheelchairs and rollators, you will find the details by clicking here.


Registration Service

To help the fight against crime, we will be offering a scooter registration service to not only our customers but to anyone that owns a scooter. So often scooters are stolen from outside shops and sometimes they are never found. Working in partnership with our local police we will register a scooter and keep a database, stick a special label on the vehicle and also another sticker stating it is registered. This should deter it from disappearing and distressing the owner. It will be starting in the market on Friday 10th July at the community stand adjacent to Sainsbury's. The cost is 12, a small price to pay for peace of mind.




Provides a service to people who own their own scooter, this service can have a scooter or wheelchair cleaned, the tyres checked and minor repairs carried out for only 5.



If you own a nearly new scooter, wheel chair or rollator  that you no longer require you can choose us to sell it for you. We agree a sale price, you receive two thirds and we receive one third as our commission for the sale. The scooter will also be registered free of charge. The requirement to have had the scooter recently serviced is essential or we can arrange a service for you. When the scooter is sold we then send you a cheque.
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